Man drives into a tornado - level 3

Man drives into a tornado - level 3

15-09-2014 15:00

In footage captured on a camera mounted on a car dashboard, this video shows the moment a man set off out of his garage, only to make a swift about turn when he realised there was a tornado looming down on him.

As the driver gradually reverses out of his garage in Russia, rain begins to pelt down onto his windscreen.

But rather than just a spot of bad weather, as the vehicle makes its way onto the road, the wind picks up and the downpour hits.

The fierce twister sweeps the car and driver back towards the garage which can be seen being ripped to shreds.

Luckily for the driver, the tornado appears to miss his car by just a few metres.

The footage then shows the aftermath and destruction left by the tornado after it has passed.

Difficult words: footage (video), mounted (fixed on), dashboard (area in front of the driver), loom (appear in a threatening way), pelt down (rain heavily), pick up (start blowing more strongly), fierce (strong and dangerous), twister (tornado), rip to shreds (to destroy something completely), aftermath (the situation after a disaster).


Have you ever seen a tornado?

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