Man drives into the ocean - level 3

Man drives into the ocean - level 3

13-10-2015 07:00

It gives new meaning to the term “beach escape”, but this is the moment an alleged car thief in Australia chose an unusual way to attempt to avoid the law. Following a two-hour car chase in Perth, the man drove into the ocean as he tried to escape the police.

Earlier, the driver stopped the vehicle to deflate the tyre pressure before driving towards the beach. The unusual escape tactic failed to pay off, however.

As the vehicle began to sink, the man climbed out of a window and attempted to swim off. Officers were forced to wade into the waves in order to catch their suspect.

Difficult words: beach escape (a beautiful place to stay at the beach), alleged (so-called by some people), attempt (to try), chase (an act of chasing somebody – to try to catch somebody\), deflate (to let the gas inside come out), tyre (a thick rubber ring that fits around the wheel of a car), wade (to walk through water that is not deep).


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