Man falls 200 metres into a forest - level 2, A12

Man falls 200 metres into a forest - level 2, A12

09-08-2012 18:00

A man almost died when tried to walk across a deep valley. He suffered just small injuries after falling 200 metres into a forest during his walk in China.

He was walking with closed eyes and backwards for over 50 minutes and 700 metres. He almost fell down after 3 minutes but he didn’t give up and he continued.

When he was just 40 metres from the finish, he made a mistake and he fell into a forest.

However, the forest broke his fall and he was able to stand up and walk away.

You can see the video in Level 3 section.


Interesting words: valley (place between two mountains) suffer (experience something bad), backwards (in the direction that is behind you).

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