Man Falls Down a Building – level 3

Man Falls Down a Building – level 3

22-08-2016 07:00

This is the luckiest man you'll see today. After more than a few drinks, he's just taken a tumble down 11 floors of this apartment building.

Jhon Alvarado was a little worse for wear when he tried to enter an apartment in Ibague Colombia, losing his balance and falling from a balcony 110 feet (33.5 metres) from the ground.

Miraculously, the 43 year-old walked away with just minor injuries, after being caught in the canopy over the front doorway. He landed confused, but alive. And he wasn't the only one wondering what had happened.

"We heard a pretty loud noise and we all decided to go out and the first thing we saw was the canopy of building number seven completely destroyed, almost on the ground, and you could see that something was on it but no one knew what it was.”

But sometimes it's best left to the person involved to make sense out of the situation.

“Yes, I was drinking. I've been drinking. I was drinking at someone's. I fell? I fell? Oh my God. I fell? I fell."

Well I'm glad we sorted that out!

Difficult words: tumble (a sudden fall), be the worse for wear (was not feeling well), miraculously (amazingly), minor (small), canopy (a roof-like covering over a door to a building or over a seating area), sort out (make something clear).


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