Man flies around Fuji - level 3

Man flies around Fuji - level 3

11-11-2013 14:00

Soaring past Mount Fuji, Yves Rossi takes to the skies with his now famous jetpack.

“You feel that you have pressure everywhere, and that’s the magic moment. Because full trust like that, you want…and pump you have aerodynamics and it’s like a big hand on your back, and yes! It holds. And you fly.”

Averaging around 200 kilometres per hour, the Swiss pilot, known as Jetman, flew past Japan’s sacred volcano.

“I came from behind the clouds where Mount Fuji was hidden, and when I came like that it was wow! Like this window did open, and I was here.”

Rossi flew a total of nine times around the mountain as his 2-metre-wide wings and their 4 jet engines only allow a flight time of up to 13 minutes.

Difficult words: soar (fly), sacred (relating to a god or religion).

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