Man flies between rocks - level 3

Man flies between rocks - level 3

07-10-2013 14:00

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fall from the sky at 160 miles per hour, shoot between a mountain valley just four meters wide and float safely to the ground?

Well, now you don’t have to, because this is as probably as close as you’ll ever get. American wingsuiter Jeb Corliss attempted the terrifying stunt over Langshan Mountain in China on Saturday, and as his head cam shows, he was a matter of inches away from going splat. Fortunately, though, he squeezed through the tiny gap and his parachute opened, bringing him safely to earth. And if the sight of that didn’t turn your stomach, take a look from this angle.

This particular jump is known as the Flying Dagger, and it’s not hard to see why. And it didn’t look too much safer from the ground, either. The 298 metre deep valley is only 20 meters wide at its widest point and just 3.5 meters wide at its narrowest point. So it’s no wonder he was more than a little relieved when he finally landed on solid ground.

“I just didn’t want to disappoint everyone, and I’m really glad that I was able to do it because it was, it was so hard. This was so hard. This was really, really, this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” We probably all need a drink after watching that!

Difficult words: shoot (move very fast), float (move slowly), attempt (do), stunt (dangerous action), cam (camera), go splat (die because you fall), dagger (knife).

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