Man from another galaxy - level 1, A12

Man from another galaxy - level 1, A12

08-03-2012 18:00

Lionel Messi was born in Argentina in 1987, but his family comes from Italy. He has two brothers and one sister. When Messi was five, he started to play football for a team in Argentina. He was a good player, but when he was 11, he was very small, and he needed special hormones if he wanted to be bigger.

His family didn’t have money for these hormones. They needed 900 dollars every month. It was a lot of money.  His football club didn’t have money because the Argentinean economy had big problems.

But the bosses of FC Barcelona knew about his talent, and they wanted to give money to Messi if he played for FC Barcelona. So, when he was 13, Messi and his father started to live in Spain and he started to play for Barcelona’s junior teams.

Messi was better and better every year and soon he started to play for Barcelona’s first team and for Argentina too.

For many people Lionel Messi is the best football player in the world. He is a very good person too. He is the best but he isn’t a big star. He is a team player.

On Wednesday 7th March 2012 he scored 5 goals and he was the first man in history who scored 5 goals in the Champions League. Some people say that he is from another galaxy and when he plays, nobody can stop him.

You can see his 5 goals in the video.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

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