Man has a new nose - level 3

Man has a new nose - level 3

08-10-2013 14:00

It’s a little bizarre, but this is actually an example of global medical progress, a Chinese man has had a new nose grown on his forehead, following a car accident last year.

These pictures from Chinese television station CCTV show 22-year-old Xiaolian at hospital in Fuzhou in Fujian province… As doctors checked on his progress ahead of his surgery.

The patient underwent the unusual procedure after he neglected nasal trauma treatment following the accident in August 2012. He only had basic treatment rather than the plastic surgery he needed immediately after the crash. Doctors had to take the extreme measure after an infection corroded the cartilage of his original nose, making it impossible for surgeons to reconstruct it.

The new nose was grown by placing what’s called the skin tissue expander on his forehead. They then cut it into the shape of a nose and planted cartilage taken from his ribs. The surgeons say the new nose is in good shape after nine months of growth and they should be able to carry out the transplant surgery very soon.

Difficult words: bizarre (strange), surgery (operation), neglect (not to care enough), corrode (destroy), cartilage (flexible part of the body), surgeon (doctor who does surgery).

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