Man has many Barbies - level 3

Man has many Barbies - level 3

10-09-2013 14:00

A normal Singapore street containing a normal house, right? Ah, not quite. This house contains one of the largest private collections of Barbie dolls in the world--6,000 in fact. Count them.

The proud owner of these dolls is a man called Jian Yang.

"This is where the most precious ones are. That's number one, that's my first 1984 Great Shape Barbie. She was also featured in Toy Story, I mean."

So how does this obsession affect his relationships? We’re going to predict not well.

"I've also got ex-girlfriends who get insecure about this kind of stuff because you still do get the SMSs with the unresolved relationships that go like, 'I will never be one of these.' You know… ‘What's my waistline?’"

No one should attempt to achieve a Barbie waistline.

Now you might think, well, it can't be an expensive hobby, but tell ‘em, Jian!

"This is the most I've ever paid for a doll. About $3,600."

Wow. Yeah, better pop it away before we try to do a runner with it.

Difficult words: precious (important and valuable), feature (play in a movie), obsession (too strong interest in something), insecure (not feeling good), unresolved (not solved and finished), waistline (size of one's waist), attempt (try), pop (move).

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