Man helps mothers - level 3

Man helps mothers - level 3

26-08-2013 06:00

This young man in China has taken on the predominately female profession of helping new mothers to produce breast milk.

29-year-old Yang Jun is one of only three registered breast masseurs in the country, where recently more and more men have been taking up jobs that were once traditionally filled by women. The occupation, not uncommon in China, requires him to help mothers provide milk for their babies.

"At the beginning, my family didn't understand why I chose this for a living, and my girlfriend opposed my work when she found out I would touch other women's bodies. But I persuaded them that it's a noble profession and important to new mothers who desperately want to produce milk."

A massage session with Yang would usually last 19 minutes, giving enough time to encourage the milk flow freely. Like anywhere else in the world, new mothers in China understand the value of breastfeeding but many face problems producing milk due to pollution and the pressures of life. Only 28 percent of infants under six months are breastfed, far fewer than in many other countries. So, step up the breast masseur!

So far only two people have signed up for Yang's sessions, but he believes many more new mothers will turn to masseurs like him for help breastfeeding their babies.

Difficult words: predominately (mainly), encourage (help), flow (move), due to (because of), pollution (dirty environment), infant (baby).

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