Man in a dangerous situation – level 3

Man in a dangerous situation – level 3

14-03-2013 06:00

The daredevil escapologist Jonathan Goodwin has performed his latest death-defying stunt in central London. He jumped off the London Eye, trapped in a straitjacket, with only minutes to escape before a burning rope sent him plummeting into the Thames River.

Crowds watched anxiously as Mr. Goodwin struggled to break free. And with only seconds to spare, it appeared the flames have spread to his jacket.

But fear not, in the nick of time, the escapologist threw his jacket to the ground and climbed to safety. The stunt was filmed for his new TV show The Incredible Mr. Goodwin.

Interesting words: escapologist (someone who escapes from ropes), death-defying (very dangerous), stunt (dangerous action), straitjacket (a special jacket that prevents someone from moving their arms), plummet (fall from a high place), fear not (no need to worry).

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