Man in the ground - level 3

Man in the ground - level 3

05-12-2013 14:00

Rescuers are desperately trying to free a man who has become stuck in an earth pit in east China. The worker is buried up to his chest.

He had been laying pipes for a new sewer system in China’s Auhui Province, along with a colleague, when the earth above them shifted. The other worker managed to escape the falling dirt, but he was covered.

This witness says he saw a man leaving work after parking up his excavator next to the pit. And it was the weight of that is thought to have led to the mound of earth slipping.

The rescue operation was especially tricky as the earth was loose, meaning the worker was sinking as he was in a swamp.

After three tense hours, the rescuers succeeded in saving the relieved man who was then taken to hospital to get checked out.

Difficult words: desperately (really hard), sewer system (system of pipes which carry away dirty water), shift (move), excavator (large machine for digging and moving earth), mound (pile), loose (not solid), swamp (land which is always wet or covered with water), tense (stressful).

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