Man inside a big water balloon - level 3

Man inside a big water balloon - level 3

19-08-2015 07:00

Do not try this at home! This is the moment a US prankster almost drowned whilst performing a balloon stunt.

The YouTube star Jack Tenny was attempting to become a human water bomb by climbing into a giant water balloon as it filled with water, whilst inside a boat in a swimming pool… You can maybe see why the stunt went drastically wrong.

“Ah! Oh!”
“There he goes!”

“We got to pop this!”

The clip, which has gone viral online, shows Tenny struggling to get out of the water balloon as it sank before a crew member jumps in with a screwdriver to pop the balloon.

“Pop it!”
“Come on, rescue! Yeah!”

Although the stunt nearly cost Tenny his life, he didn't seem too fazed by the experience.

Difficult words: prankster (a person who plays pranks –practical jokes), stunt (something dangerous), attempt (to try), viral (very popular), struggle (to try hard), fazed (shocked or scared).


What do you think about the man’s stunt?

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