Man is almost hit on a highway - level 3

Man is almost hit on a highway - level 3

26-11-2014 07:00

A moment between life and death as one incredibly lucky pedestrian narrowly escaped being crushed between two cars while crossing a busy highway.

In this shocking CCTV footage a man can be seen crossing the street in eastern China when two cars enter the crossroads from different sides and swerve to avoid a collision but instead bump into each other, as they speed towards the unsuspecting pedestrian.

Luckily, the man was able to react quickly and leapt out of harm’s way.

Traffic police said it was lucky the truck driver managed to prevent his vehicle from overturning as the pedestrian may have been crushed.

While both vehicles were heavily damaged, incredibly, no one was injured.

Difficult words: incredibly (surprisingly), pedestrian (somebody who is walking), CCTV footage (security camera video), swerve (suddenly change the direction), collision (crash), bump (hit), unsuspecting (not knowing about the present danger), leap (move quickly and suddenly).


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