Man is hit by a train - level 3

Man is hit by a train - level 3

22-12-2015 07:00

Caught on camera: a cyclist colliding with a high-speed train in Poland.

The 26 year-old escaped with his life after he ignores the red light and closed barriers and rides directly onto the train tracks. At nearly 90 miles per hour (145 kilometres per hour), the force of the collision causes the young man and his bike to fly backwards, falling at the side of the tracks.

Lying on the ground, a driver who witnessed the accident rushes to see if he's OK. According to Polish media, the cyclist was lucky and managed to avoid any serious injuries, coming away with just minor bruises.

Poland's National Railway Company has released the footage as a lesson in how not to cross the tracks. It's reported the man was later fined in court for ignoring the barrier, following the incident which happened in the southern Polish town of Opole on November 5th.

Difficult words: collide (to hit by accident when moving), rush (to hurry), minor (small), bruise (a purple or brown mark on your skin), fine (to make somebody pay money for something bad that he or she did).


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