Man is hit by three cars - level 3

Man is hit by three cars - level 3

02-12-2014 07:00

This is the moment a man in China survived being hit by not one, not two, but three cars in Kunshan city.

The man, named Li, can be seen being hit by the cars repeatedly in the middle of a road.

According to the surveillance video footage, the accident took place as he was trying to cross the busy street.

After being knocked down by the first car, Li was run over by another within just ten seconds.

Later, some locals saw him lying injured on the road and went over to help.

While they were still figuring out how to help Li, another car spotted them and stopped, but due to its sudden brake, it was hit by a car from behind. As a result, the first car slightly ran over him again accidentally.

Li suffered from several fractures in his left leg and six ribs. He is said to be recovering in hospital.

Difficult words: repeatedly (again and again), surveillance video footage (security camera video), spot (see), sudden (quick), brake (slow down or stop), recover (get better).


Shocking, isn't it?

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