Man on Sydney Opera House - level 3

Man on Sydney Opera House - level 3

20-05-2014 15:00

A man, who’s thought to have been drunk, managed to climb to the top of one of the sails of the Sydney Opera House. It’s not known how he got up there or why, although it’s thought it may have been some kind of protest.

The man was on top of the iconic building for about an hour, while people on the ground watched and took pictures before being moved away by police.

He was eventually talked down by two officers, as police helicopters circled overhead. The man was attached to a harness and escorted down the famous Australian landmark and tourists clapped as he was brought down to ground level after the dramatic rescue. Police haven’t made a statement on the incident.

Difficult words: sail (part of the building which looks like a large piece of cloth on a boat), eventually (at the end), harness (safety rope).


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