Man rides a bike on a rope - level 3

Man rides a bike on a rope - level 3

29-09-2015 07:00

Riding a bike on a tight rope hundreds of feet above a mountain side is enough to make anyone's stomach churn. And when this happens... Hearts leap.

Luckily, Kenny Balaey had back-up, and the first failed attempt didn't put off the trial bike world champion either. He managed to get back on his bike, as it were, and ride across the slackline suspended between two mountains 112 metres high at an altitude of 2,700 metres in the French Alps.

Suppose it's worth it for the view, right? No, we're not so sure, either.

Difficult words: stomach churn (if something makes your stomach churn, it is extremely unpleasant and makes you feel sick), heart leap (if your heart leaps, you feel a sudden surprise, happiness, or excitement), attempt (to try), put off (to cause somebody to lose interest), as it were (in a way), slackline (a rope used for slacklining – balancing on a rope).


What do you think about this stunt?

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