Man Saves a Dog in Peru - level 3

Man Saves a Dog in Peru - level 3

14-03-2016 07:00

This little fella should be called “Lucky!” A leap of faith was what it took to survive.

The dog was left stranded on a rock middle of the Chili River in Peru. The young pup tried to climb the steep walls of a bridge, but visibly dazed, confused and exhausted, fell back into the river. Onlookers helplessly watched as the dog was tossed about and carried downriver.  When the dog finally made it to a pile of stones on the bank, a local man stepped down to lift him away from any more pain.

Taxi driver Jose Luis Coaguila said he could not stand by and watch the dog die.

“It’s like a human being. No one would allow a dog to die.”

Rescue workers took the dog to a nearby shelter where they named him Chili after the river.

The harsh weather conditions in Peru have left at least 11 people dead and 588 houses have been destroyed this year alone. This is the most erratic change in sea levels in the region for 15 years.  

Difficult words: fella (a nickname for a man or a boy), a leap of faith (to do something with hope that it will work out), exhausted (very tired), onlooker (a person who watches something), erratic (not normal).


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