Man shot himself with a harpoon - level 3

Man shot himself with a harpoon - level 3

06-05-2013 06:00

A Brazilian man has shot himself in the head with a harpoon by mistake. While cleaning his spear gun Bruno Coutinho accidentally triggered it and sent the six-inch object through his eye before it lodged in his cranium. Despite the pain, Bruno managed to call for help. His neighbour said it was terrifying.

Bruno was rushed to hospital where it took surgeons four hours to remove the spear. The object had been stuck in his head for more than ten hours. Amazingly, the damage caused was limited.

Doctors say the object came within millimetres of piercing major arteries with an outcome that could have been tragic. However, Bruno has suffered no brain damage but has lost the sight in his left eye. He's being treated in an intensive care but is due to be released in the coming days, counting himself lucky to be alive to tell a remarkable story of survival.

Interesting words: spear (weapon with a sharp tip), trigger (start into action), lodge (become fixed), cranium (skull), rush (move quickly), pierce (go into or through), artery (tube that carries blood).

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