Man steals three cars - level 3

Man steals three cars - level 3

20-03-2014 07:00

A man, who hijacked three cars, including one with a four-year-old boy inside, has been arrested after a high-speed car chase in Colorado.

Local media reported that a boy was missing after his parents’ red SUV was stolen from a petrol station. Soon after this, the suspect carjacked a gold minivan.

Aerial footage shows the minivan speeding down the highway in the wrong direction in the Denver metro area. The suspect then stole a third vehicle, throwing a woman out of her car before tearing away.

After he crashed this car, the suspect fled on foot, running across buildings and a car park before he was caught by police.

Difficult words: hijack (take control of a vehicle), carjack (hijack a car), tear away (drive away very quickly).

What car do you drive?

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