Man stops a train - level 3

Man stops a train - level 3

05-06-2014 15:00

From the left hand side of the screen ,you can see a man jump onto the tracks. He stands there, swaying for several minutes. Other passengers try talking to him, but he doesn’t move.

He can then be seen jumping about and even waving in front of him. But it is not long before a train approaches. Dressed in dark clothing, the man is difficult to see and the train driver has to slam on the brakes. The train stops just feet in front of him.

Twenty-one-year-old Nathan Barker has now been sentenced to 16 weeks in prison. He admitted obstructing the railway at the station near his home in Bentley last March.

Difficult words: sway (to move slowly from one side to another), slam on the brakes (to make a vehicle stop suddenly by pressing the brakes very hard), obstruct (block).


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