Man threw a dog - level 3

Man threw a dog - level 3

20-06-2013 06:00

A red card for animal cruelty. Argentine footballer Jose Jimenez was sent off for this. He threw the dog against the fence when it wandered onto the pitch during a game between Jimenez's team Bella Vista and San Juan. Both teams play in a lower Tucumana league.

Jimenez grabbed the dog and trying to throw it out of the ground, flung the animal into the fence, and it came crashing down. The dog appeared unharmed and ran away. But opposition fans were angry and started to throw objects and insults at Jimenez. The San Juan players charged towards the bench where he was taking refuge.

As the tension rose in the ground, the referee showed the player a red card. Local media suggested Bella Vista have now rescinded on Jimenez's contract following the incident.

Interesting words: wander (walk), pitch (football field), fling (throw), insult (bad words), refuge (protection), rescind (cancel something).

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