Man throws away a lot of money - level 3

Man throws away a lot of money - level 3

11-12-2013 14:00

This story is about watching what you throw out, not plastics, not recycling, but a fortune.

Because for one unfortunate man, he has done just that. The diggers are not searching for a hard drive, yet James Howells wishes they were. Because the one he accidentally threw away is now worth millions.

“I absolutely devastated to be honest, and when I realized what I’d done, it was an oh-my-god moment, if you will.”

The IT technician had the drive in a drawer for years. On it 7,500 bitcoins, a digital currency that has massively increased in value.

“From the very first time I, you know, come across bitcoin I knew it was gone be a good investment and I knew it was going to be, you know, the next big thing. I mean, devastated really.”

Bitcoin trades 24/7. It is mined by solving math problems but it’s limited. Its value depends on people’s confidence in the currency, but although acceptance has increased, it is not yet gone commercial and is not yet featured on major retailer web sites.

“It’s all perspective, you’ve lost nothing”

“Well, that’s true. Um, you know. I didn’t have it in the first place so, you know, it’s not as if I had the rug pulled out from under me, I’ve just not gained anything.”

Difficult words: devastated (extremely shocked and sad), retailer (business that sells something), rug pulled out (to ruin plans).

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