Man tries to kill Trump – level 3

Man tries to kill Trump – level 3

29-06-2016 07:00

A wannabe assassin has attempted to take Donald Trump's life at a rally, a British man called Michael Sandford. Neighbours in the Surrey Hills have been describing him.

"Yes, recognise him. I haven't seen him for about 12 months, 18 months. A quite skinny- built chap and he used to just be seen walking up and down the roads. So, mainly at night time, early hours in the morning waking people up – he was with the crowd that I suppose were coming back from the pubs drinking, that sort of thing, but didn't know him speak to, I'm afraid."

His mother is reportedly devastated. His head teacher refused to comment. Meanwhile, far from home, Sandford appeared in court, charged with an act of violence in restricted grounds.

Court papers show he has been to a gun range a day before the incident to learn how to shoot and had been planning to kill Trump for a year. The court papers say that Sandford had been living in the U.S. for approximately a year and a half. He is being held in custody and could now face 10 years in jail.

Difficult words: wannabe (wanting to be), assassin (a person who assassinates – kills), attempt (try), rally (political meeting), chap (a man), sort (a kind, a type), reportedly (according to what some people say), devastated (very shocked), gun range (a place where you can practise shooting).


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