Man was pulled behind a car – level 3

Man was pulled behind a car – level 3

05-03-2013 14:00

A crowded street in Daveyton, east of Johannesburg, and police are talking to the man in a red T-shirt. What unfolds is distressing to watch and has caused outrage in South Africa.

The officers try to arrest him but there is a struggle and some cries off police down from the crowd. The man is overpowered but it doesn’t end there. He’s not being put in the back of the police van. He’s being tied to it.

When the van reverses a little, a woman cries out for the driver. The officers hold on to his legs but when the van races off, they can’t keep up.

That man later died in police custody. Reporters said he was a 27-year-old Mozambiquean taxi driver. Fellow drivers have called for the police officers involved to be reprimanded through suspension.

"They don't report anything about this man being dragged behind by the police vehicle, and there is where the difference is. You don't see that in the police statement.”

Local news reports say the taxi driver had been arrested for stopping on the wrong side of the road. And police say he became aggressive and took one of their handguns.

The video posted online by the South African newspaper Daily Sun has quickly gained international coverage.

South African police are already under the spotlight over their handling of the Oscar Pistorius murder case. Now this is said to pile on more pressure as answers are demanded.

Interesting words: unfold (happen), outrage (great anger), custody (prison), reprimanded through suspension (punished by losing their job for some time), drag (pull), spotlight (a lot of attention in newspapers), pile on (increase).

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