Man who can fly - level 3

Man who can fly - level 3

16-08-2013 06:00

Unbelievable scenes over Wisconsin as Jetman Yves Rossy flies alongside a Boeing B-17 bomber. Hundreds flocked to watch the Swiss daredevil rocket through the sky next to the aircraft, wearing his own jet-powered wings.

Rossy who spent many years as a fighter pilot, said he hopes his passion for flying will inspire others.

"I hope I touch people because that's one of the most common dream. Everyone has once dreamed to fly like a bird and I am between human and bird. Just a very large human with fixed wing so…yeah I think it inspires a lot of people."

And this isn't the first time the flying stuntman has taken to the skies with his own wings. He's already flown over Rio and the English Channel.

Difficult words: flock (come in large numbers), daredevil person who likes doing dangerous things), stuntman (person who works by doing dangerous things).

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