Many people on a bridge - level 3

Many people on a bridge - level 3

22-10-2013 06:00

On Sunday morning, residents in China gathered at a scenic spot in Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi Province.

With the sun beating down overhead, many flocked to the water using a rather rickety-looking footbridge. The small bridge was soon teeming with people and quickly the weight became too much, causing it to buckle.

Dozens fell into the two-metre-deep water, with many flailing about in panic.

A rescue operation was launched immediately, with life rings and inflatable rafts quickly distributed.

More than ten people were taken to a local hospital, but no casualties were reported.

Local authorities say what caused the bridge to collapse is under investigation.

Difficult words: scenic (full of nice views), beat down (shine strongly), rickety (poorly made), teeming (covered), buckle (bend and fall down), dozens (a lot), flail (move fast with hands).

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