Marathon in a desert - level 3

Marathon in a desert - level 3

16-04-2014 07:00

It’s known as the toughest foot race on Earth and consists of six stages over about 155 miles in the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert.

Yes, the 29th Marathon des Sables has begun in Morocco, with more than 1,000 extreme sport enthusiasts taking part.

The ultra-marathon, which began on Sunday, saw competitors struggle for 12 kilometres through the sand before reaching a rocky plateau and through a lead mining village.

They then tackled another 3 kilometres of huge sand dunes before finally making the overnight station.

According to the race’s official website, runners are entirely self-sufficient and have to carry all food and equipment with them to survive in the desert, including sleeping bags and anti-venom pumps.

Anything that doesn’t fit must be left behind at the starting line and will not be available to the runners for the rest of the event.

Super-fit running enthusiasts or just plain crazy? Rather them than us!

Difficult words: blistering (extremely hot), enthusiast (person who loves doing something), ultra- (extreme), struggle (try very hard), plateau (flat area), tackle (to try to deal with a difficult problem), self-sufficient (they do not need help), venom (poison), super-fit (strong and healthy) rather them than us (the runners do something most people do not want to do).


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