Marilyn Monroe´s dress – level 1

Marilyn Monroe´s dress – level 1

25-11-2016 07:00

In 1962, an actress named Marilyn Monroe sings a song. She sings Happy Birthday to the president who is J. F. Kennedy. This is a famous moment. She is a famous Hollywood woman and she wears a famous dress!

Now, the dress is for sale in California. The dress represents history, politics, art, Hollywood, and the president. The dress is in the color of skin. There are 2,500 crystals on it.

There are many other things for sale. All of them represent Marilyn Monroe: her paintings, her books, her clothing, her shoes, her handbags and her makeup, as well as of course her important evening dresses.

All of these things have the price of five million dollars. Most of this money is from the famous dress. The price of the dress is between two and three million dollars.

Difficult words: wear (have on a body), represent (show), crystal (a small clear stone). 

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