Marilyn Monroe´s dress – level 2

Marilyn Monroe´s dress – level 2

25-11-2016 07:00

Many years ago, actress Marilyn Monroe sang a Happy Birthday song to the president of the USA. It was a famous performance by one of Hollywood's most famous women. Now, you can own the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang this song to JFK in 1962.

The dress is ready to go to auction in California. The dress represents many things: history, politics, a work of art, Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, and the Kennedys.

There are 2,500 crystals on the dress. This is part of a larger sale of Monroe items. All of them represent Marilyn Monroe's life and career: her paintings, her poetry, her writings, her personal wardrobe, her pots and pans, her recipe books, her toaster, her shoes, her handbags, her makeup, and, of course, all of her most important career gowns.

The auction is expected to make around five million dollars. The biggest part of that will undoubtedly come from the dress. The price of the dress is set between two and three million dollars.

Difficult words: item (a thing), gown (an evening dress), undoubtedly (without doubt).

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