Math stops a marriage - level 2

Math stops a marriage - level 2

25-03-2015 07:00

A girl in India wants to meet her potential husband for the first time. People show her a photo of him and then she goes to meet him at his home.

When she gets there, she is suspicious because he does not look like the boy in the photo. She asks him a math question of 15 plus 6. He answers incorrectly with 17. She refuses to marry him.

Her family says that he tricked them, while his family says that she should come back. A friend explains that education is important to the girl. The local police have to mediate for the families.

Difficult words: potential (possible), suspicious (thinking someone is doing something wrong), mediate (to help people in an argument).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

What would you do if you were this girl?

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