Math stops a marriage – level 3

25-03-2015 07:00

Marriage is usually a simple sum of one plus one equalling two, but it wasn’t the case for this Indian bride. The wife-to-be dumped her groom on their wedding day after he failed a simple maths test at the altar.
Lovely became suspicious of her potential husband’s education after meeting him for the first time in a village in northern Kanpur City. After asking him the sum of 15 and 6, she flatly refused to wed Ram Baran, when he replied with an incorrect answer of 17.

The girl’s family claims they had been mislead by the potential suitor from the start, but Lovely said she knew something was amiss when she met him.

“They had showed me someone else’s photo but another person turned up. The boy neither earns nor could he solve a simple maths question. I’ve refused to marry him.”
The groom’s family tried to persuade her to return, but the scorned woman was having none of it. A friend said it would be difficult to get her to change her mind.

“She’s good at her studies. She wished to get married to an educated boy.”

Local police were called to mediate between the families and both sides returned all the gifts received before the occasion. It seems that picking the perfect partner may be a simple enough equation, after all.

Difficult words: dump (to stop being in a relationship), altar (a religious table used in ceremonies), suspicious (thinking someone is not honest or did something wrong), mislead (to lie to someone), amiss (wrong), persuade (to make somebody think somehing), scorned (angry and hurt), mediate (to help people in an argument), equation (a math problem).


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