Men jumped from a building - level 3

Men jumped from a building - level 3

15-05-2013 06:00

Smoke pours form a twenty-story building in Pakistan after a devastating fire tore through its offices on Thursday.

Terrified workers became trapped in the inferno as the flames grew, leaving many with no hope of escape. As the smoke grew thicker and blacker, crowds watched helplessly from below as people inside waved desperately from windows for help. But none came. Then this.

As onlookers struggled to take in what they'd just seen, another man jumped from a window rather than face the flames.

Local media reported that the first man who fell from the seventh floor window died instantly while the second died of his injuries later in hospital. By the time a helicopter arrived to airlift survivors to safety, four people were dead and several more injured. After battling for two hours, firefighters finally brought the blaze under control. It is believed to have been started after an electricity generator exploded inside.

Interesting words: pour (flow), tore through (moved very quickly through), inferno (big dangerous fire), take in (understand), airlift (move away using a plane or helicopter), blaze (large fire).

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