Men run like monkeys - level 3

Men run like monkeys - level 3

19-11-2013 14:00

If you’re expecting a Usian Bolt-like start, you might be disappointed as competitors take part in Japan’s four-legged running contest.

Scampering in first place was Kenichi Ito who crossed the line in 16.87 seconds to beat his own world record.

Ito first pioneered the sport ten years ago after studying the running style of the Patas monkey and Guinness organisers have high hopes for future competitions.

“It would be very interesting to see him running against the fastest runner of all times running on all fours. That would be a very interesting competition .”

We’re not sure how threatened Usain will be by the challenge but we certainly hope he accepts it.

Difficult words: scamper (to run with short steps like an animal), pioneer (to the first person to do something), threaten (put at risk).

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