Men steal things from cars – level 3

Men steal things from cars – level 3

28-02-2013 06:00

This is daylight robbery caught on camera in Lima, Peru. These opportunist thieves have been bringing terror to traffic jams in the city, attacking cars and taxis and stealing possessions in front of their hopeless owners.

The gun shots are from a police officer in a nearby car. The latest crime wave is by a gang of young men who allow their victims to see their faces.

Police say they have now arrested members of the criminal group 'Los Coyotes' who they say are taking advantage of Limas congested streets.

They’re also known to steal from cars which are driving slowly. Police say they have the criminals in their sights, and say drastic laws that allow long sentences should help prevent more of smashing grabs from happening.

Interesting words: opportunist (someone who commits a crime because they have a chance to do it), congested (full of traffic), have somebody in one’s sights (know about them), sentence (time in prison), smashing (fast) grab (act of getting something quickly).

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