Meteor fell down in Russia – level 3

Meteor fell down in Russia – level 3

18-02-2013 14:00

A unique view of an oncoming meteor and a flash as it explodes turning the skyline bright yellow. The footage was captured in Magnitogorsk in Russia. A fascinating sight but also a sobering one.

Witnesses say they saw bright yellow objects falling and a powerful explosion was heard.

There was damage in the Russian region of the Urals from the following meteorite shower.

A Zinc factory in Chelyabinsk which is more than 200 miles from Magnitogorsk partially collapsed with the roof and walls caving in, as meteorite pieces rained down.

Some reports say hundreds of people have been injured. It’s thought from flying glass from broken shattered windows, but also shock. As scientists pick over any remains which are found, more footage is expected to come to light.

Interesting words: meteor (rock which travels through space), sobering (serious), meteorite (rock from space which landed on Earth), cave in (collapse), shattered (broken into many small pieces), remains (things which are left in the place after some catastrophe).

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