Meteor in Canada - level 3

Meteor in Canada - level 3

13-05-2014 15:00

A meteor falling from the sky, that’s what footage captured by the dashboard camera of a police car in Canada appears to show.

The white object is seen falling in the distance. It was reportedly about half a metre long.

It was filmed by an officer working for the York Regional Police, which serves a section of Ontario, not far from Toronto, as he was driving eastbound on Mulock Drive in the town of Newmarket.

What the camera picks up appears to be a rapidly falling white ball. Dozens of residents said they thought they also saw a meteor streak across the sky on Sunday.

Some described it as having an orange tail, with many others saying they saw a flash of blue and heard a loud boom.

Difficult words: dashboard (area in front of the driver), reportedly (according to what some people say), eastbound (travelling towards the east), streak (to fly really fast).


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