Meteorite in Russia - level 3

Meteorite in Russia - level 3

25-10-2013 06:00

It was in February when the meteorite exploded over Russia’s Ural Mountains. The falling space rock provided an enlightening morning rush hour view for motorists with flashes of light in the sky above. Those lucky enough to have dashboard cams caught the fireball, but the meteorite scattered into pieces causing damage to buildings and injuries.

Now the search for meteorite pieces has proved particularly fruitful. A decent-sized fragment has been raised from the bottom of Lake Chebarkul, in what’s believed to be the biggest piece so far. It took several weeks to recover the chunk and the project cost around sixty two thousand pounds. But scientists hope tests will confirm it is the main part of the meteorite.

It’s now set to be put on show in a regional history museum for all to see, but for some residents that’s not enough. Although around four hundred pieces of the meteorite have already been recovered, it hasn’t stopped the search. Some residents are reportedly using the space rock search as a money-spinner with one person trying to sell a 3.4 kilogram chunk for the equivalent of forty thousand pounds.

America’s NASA estimated the meteor was 55 feet across before entering Earth’s atmosphere and weighed about 10,000 tons. The main fireball streaked across the sky at a speed of around 19 miles per second, according to Russia’s space agency, before crashing into the snowy wastes.

Difficult words: enlightening (giving spiritual knowledge), rush hour (time when people hurry to work), dashboard (part of the car which is in front of the driver), scatter (move into many directions), fruitful (productive), decent (good), chunk (big piece), reportedly (some people say so), streak (move very fast), wastes (big land with few people, plants, or animals).

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