Michael Schumacher - level 3

Michael Schumacher - level 3

06-01-2014 06:00

It was on these slopes that 7-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher had an accident that’s left him fighting for his life. Skiers continue to use the Meribel slopes in the Frech Alps, many of them unaware of the retired racing driver’s fall, that’s dominating the headlines.

In a press conference on Tuesday morning, Schumacher’s doctors said the news is more positive then it was yesterday.

“Late in the night, a new brain scan was carried out after a temporary improvement in the situation. This allowed the family to be offered the chance of a new operation to evacuate a haematoma in order to diminish the intra-cranial pressure. The operation took place overnight. A new scan was carried out this morning and the radiological signs are of a slight improvement.”

Doctors are still unable to say what the outcome will be at this stage, but Former World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart has been speaking of his sadness at the tragic accident of a man who’s always lived life on the edge.

“He’s a great family man and you know, he is a hugely successful racing driver well retired now. But he has still had the bug for excitement, for almost danger in a way. It’s very sad to hear something like this has happened yesterday to somebody who has been through so much, survived so much. And yet, something like this happens as a leisure-time activity.”

Michael Schumacher’s condition remains critical. He’s not yet out of danger. But doctors are keen to stress they’ve seen no signs of his condition deteriorating.

Difficult words: temporary (not permanent), evacuate (remove), haematoma (piece of solid or semi-solid blood), diminish (make less), cranial (relating to the cranium/skull), keen (wanting to do something), deteriorate (to become worse).

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