Migrants on Kos - level 2

Migrants on Kos - level 2

18-08-2015 07:00

Some people want to immigrate to the European Union. Many of them flee war zones and poverty. There are hundreds of migrants on the Greek island of Kos. They are held at a sports stadium.

A police officer on the island brandished a knife last week and slapped a Pakistani migrant. Authorities suspended the officer.

One day after the incident, fights between the migrants and the police broke out. After the situation got back to normal, even more migrants came to the stadium where the fight happened. We do not know what started the fights.

The migrants need to register to go to new countries, but they say that the process is too slow. They also say that they have no food and no protection from the sun.

Difficult words: flee (to run away), brandish (to wave and threaten), suspend (to make somebody stop working for some time because he or she did something wrong).

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