Migrants try to board a ferry - level 3

Migrants try to board a ferry - level 3

09-09-2014 07:00

Caught on camera. The moment migrants try and board a ferry heading to the UK from the French port of Calais.

This video, which was posted online, claims to show more than a hundred migrants running towards the ramp, but they were rumbled just before they tried to board the ferry.

Witnesses say the group was stopped from getting on board the passenger ship by crew who raised the access ramp and shot a fire hose in their direction.

This video, filmed by an onlooker, shows a large group of people running towards a boat docked in Calais. Spokesman for ferry company PNO said that the group had been trying to board a ship operated by My Ferry Link. The crew on that boat managed to stop them.

Difficult words: claim to show (probably shows), shoot a fire hose (shoot water from a very powerful house used for fighting fires), onlooker (person watching).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

Do you consider immigration a problem?

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