Million Mask March in London - level 3

Million Mask March in London - level 3

11-11-2015 15:00

Capitalism, inequality, state intervention – all the reasons for this anti-capitalist Million Mask March. The protesters are in central London to highlight the things they believe are ruining our society.

Campaigners of all ages chanted in small groups under the watch of Metropolitan Police officers. Earlier the police warned the march could become violent and this evening they kept a watchful eye on the protesters. Ten people were arrested at the same event last year. Some are concerned the demonstrators will damage the city and cause disruption.

This year, the police say the protest must finish by 9 p.m. In reality, it's likely to be much later.

Difficult words: intervention (the action of intervening – taking part in something to change it), highlight (to draw attention to), chant (to sing or say something together).


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