Missed a plane and lived - level 1

Missed a plane and lived - level 1

28-07-2014 07:00

A plane flies from the Netherlands to Malaysia. It carries 298 people. Someone shoots it down in Ukraine. The plane loses contact.

Someone shoots it down in a dangerous area. This area is in the east of Ukraine. People say that rebels probably shoot the plane down.

Nobody on the plane survives. However, one family is lucky. They miss the plane. They save their lives. The mother of this family speaks to the press. She is in shock and she shaking. She does not know what to do, but she says that she feels like something has given her a second chance.

Difficult words: survive (live), miss (they come too late to the airport and the plane is already gone), press (people who work for newspaper, radio or television), second chance (an opportunity to stay alive).

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