Monkey steals money - level 3

Monkey steals money - level 3

09-06-2016 15:00

A jewellery shop in India fell foul to an unusual thief last month as a monkey raided the store.

In the now viral CCTV footage, an employee of the shop is seen offering a piece of fruit to the monkey as it sat outside the shop door. But shortly after, the unsatisfied primate pushed open the door and headed straight for the till.

The intruder made himself at home, taking a seat in an office chair and relaxing before pulling out a bundle of notes from a drawer and running off with the money.

Seeing the robbery unveil in front of his eyes, a desperate employee tried to offer the monkey a banana in exchange for the money, but the thief obviously had his sights set high and rejected the offer, escaping into the street with about 10,000 rupees, which is about 150 US dollars.

Shop staff said that they had spotted the monkey hanging around before, and no doubt they’ll be more careful if he comes back again.

Difficult words: fall foul to (to have a problem), raid (to steal from a place), till (a machine for keeping money), intruder (an unwanted visitor), bundle (a group of things), unveil (to show), high (at a good level).



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