Monkeys in a city - level 3

Monkeys in a city - level 3

03-07-2014 07:00

Now these are what you call cheeky monkeys!

Yeah, residents of Agra city in the North of India are facing an ever-growing problem, as thousands of monkeys have invaded their city!

The monkeys are reportedly going into people’s homes and stealing food and clothes, forcing residents to cover their balconies and windows with iron grills.

Now monkeys are worshiped by the Hindu community in India as avatars of Lord Hanuman. And because of this some residents have been feeding them which has made the situation a lot worse.

A depleting forest cover around Agra as the city progresses is one of the reasons why the monkeys have come out of their natural habitat in search of food and shelter.

Difficult words: cheeky (rude and disrespectful), reportedly (according to what people say), worship (to show respect and love for a god), avatar (an alternate version of something), deplete (to reduce).


How would you solve this problem?

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