Monster Hurricane Irene – level 2

Monster Hurricane Irene – level 2

27-08-2011 13:00

Americans started to make reserves because Hurricane Irene is coming to New York and New Jersey. It is a tropical hurricane and it is coming from the south from the Caribbean area. Shelves in some supermarkets are almost empty. People in the cities near the Atlantic Ocean are preparing for the worst hurricane in this area in many years. The government made the evacuation of 250 000 people. People had to leave their homes. It is the first time in the history of New York City.

In the video you can see Hurricane Irene in the Bahamas. It was in the Bahamas on Thursday and now it is coming up north and it is stronger and stronger.

President Barack Obama told 80 million Americans who are preparing for Hurricane Irene to “be prepared for the worst”. “If you are in the way of this hurricane, you have to prepare now,” he said. “Don’t wait. You don’t have time.”

People who didn’t have to leave their homes are buying food and water. Buses and trains in big cities near the Atlantic Ocean, where hurricanes are not very often, were completely closed. People on TV say that winds can be 180 km/h fast and we can have 30 cm of rain water in all big cities, in New York too.

Written by Danny

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