Mosaic in Greece - level 3

Mosaic in Greece - level 3

26-03-2014 07:00

Thousands of students in Greece have got together to set a Guinness World Record for the largest origami mosaic.

Yes, that’s right. More than 18,000 people spent nine hours folding 52,000 tiny pieces of paper into origami flowers, and then used them to create a giant owl.

“It was not difficult, but it was of course very tiring to be able to coordinate all of the process, but a lot of love was put into it, and they will leave here happy with the result.”

Students from all across Athens gathered to create the 512 square metre mosaic as a symbol of the city. According to the Guinness World Record, the largest recorded mosaic measured just over 451 square metres, but the students will have to wait a few days for the world record officials to make their decision. Whatever the outcome, at least they get to keep the paper flowers.

“Everyone will be able to take home a paper flower as a souvenir to remember this great effort that they participated in.”

Difficult words: fold (bend), tiny (small), gather (come together), participate (to take part in an activity or event).

Do you like mosaics?

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