Most expensive horse - level 3

Most expensive horse - level 3

25-10-2013 14:00

This is a one year old filly, otherwise known as a young female horse too young to be a mare, and she’s just been sold at auction for a record breaking 5.25 million pounds.

And what makes her so special? Well, she’s only the daughter of the world’s most sought-after stallion Galileo and full-sister to the 2012 Oaks winner. The baby horse was sold in Newmarket to Mandore International on behalf of Sheikh Joaan’s Al Shaqub Racing, which is owned by the Qatari royal family.

It was a world record fee for a one year old filly and also broke the all-time record for a horse sold at a European auction.

The new owners said they didn’t quite expect to pay that sort of price but claim she is a magnificent specimen. And they’re not horsing around either, as they have already confirmed she’ll start her training in France.

Difficult words: filly (young female horse), mare (female horse older than 4 years), sought-after (a lot of people want him), stallion (male horse older than 4 years), full-sister (sister born of the same mother and father), claim (say to be true), magnificent (great), specimen (animal), horse around (waste time doing unimportant things).

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