Mother and son need help – level 3

Mother and son need help – level 3

25-03-2013 14:00

Braving the elements, walking up Llanberis Path in hellish conditions, visibility on Snowdon in Wales is massively reduced. Just to the right is a cliff drop of 1,000 meters. Up ahead what mountains rescuers are looking for: A 41-year-old mother and 17-year-old son are inside. They need first aid because they’re suffering from the early effects of hypothermia, made worse by the 70 mph winds.

The mother and son were three thousand feet up when they were found without the right kit and not enough clothes on. The casualties are moved to a point where they can be picked up. It’s a tricky landing at an exposed area and staying upright.

This video has been released online to show that not everyone is that lucky. The steep slopes and vertical cliffs have seen many deaths. Rescuers say if you’re going up there, go prepared with the right kit and the right skills.

Interesting words: braving the elements (go out in bad weather), hellish (very cruel), hypothermia (too low body temperature), kit (equipment), casualties (injured people), upright (standing up).

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